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If you're confused about... 

Where to start , What to cook, and How to achieve a healthy weight without spending hours in the kitchen, we've got you

The Slim-WAISTed Mama Recipe Ebook for $39 

Or Click Here to Get The Slim-WAISTed Mama Virtual Cooking School & Recipe Ebook for $89!!!

Or Click Here to Get The Slim-WAISTed Mama Virtual Cooking School & Recipe Ebook for $89!!!

  •  Slim-Waisted Mama cooking recipes has been a huge hit with our family. Not only has it made eating healthy easy, it has made eating these delicious recipes something we look forward to. Really delicious food! - Elena Bedner  
  •  These are tried and true recipes so you know they will be delicious as well as nourishing for you and your family. The only decisions to make are when to go buy your groceries and which delicious recipe you are going to cook! - Melodee Bivens

As a fitness expert and nutrition coach, it's my desire to bring the Slim-WAISTed lifestyle through this Recipe Ebook.

Just eating real foods. Can it be that simple? Creating your ideal health profile should start in the kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be hard and made up of weird foods found growing under trees in a remote jungle accessible only by mystical creatures.  

No. We’re talking food that fuels, creates fat loss, increases energy, builds stamina, and lays a healthy foundation for the entire family. We’re talking recipes around which you can support a nutritious life while making new memories.

I’m not a professional chef, just a mom, wife, fitness and nutrition coach who has a passion for taking unhealthy dishes and transforming them into fat-burning fuel that is truly scrumptious!  

Simple. Quick. Nutritious. Delicious.  

What to expect from The Slim-WAISTed Mama Recipe Ebook:

  • Easy and quick to prepare recipes with step by step instructions
  • Recipes that only take 10 - 20 minutes of prep time
  • Savory and Sweet recipes that will become your new family favorties
  • How to cook with those healthy flours that seem to elude you
  •  I was feeling lost when it came to eating and cooking healthy. Although I was eating Gluten free, I wasn’t making very healthy options. The recipes are easy and so yummy! Thank you Lisa, Robbin, and Kristy!! -Kristen McCargar  
  •  I just started making her Bowl of Heaven breakfast this weekend. It definitely lived up to it's name and then some! It not only tasted great and gave me energy but it was quick and easy to make. I don't like cooking alot but this recipe made it easy to cook a whole food meal and save me money from what I was doing before. I'm looking forward to trying other recipes! - Kim Thorpe 

Here's a small sample of The Slim-WAISTed Mama recipes!

All of The Slim-WAISTed Mama Recipes are Paleo-Friendly - Gluten Free - Sugar Free - Grain Free - Soy Free

Here's What You Get In The Slim-WAISTed Mama Full Recipe Ebook...  

Dozens of recipes taking you step-by-step  

Food varieties that the whole family will love 

Everyday Bread without the bloat  

Cocktails for the special occasion  

Sweet and Savory Snacks 

  •  I have thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s recipes. What I like most is that the recipes are so healthy and they taste delicious!!! I don’t have to sacrifice taste for my health. And the cook book! I can’t wait to print it for easier accessibility right at my finger tips! - Jenean Corey  
  •  No one wants to eat broiled chicken and raw spinach all the time. The typical “eating healthy” idea that most people have is that it’s torture and I feel like we are eating at a restaurant every night! Thank you! - Kim Davilla

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Or Click Here to Get The Slim-WAISTed Mama Virtual Cooking School & Recipe Ebook for $89!!!

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